Information for patients with a Solysafe Septal Occluder and medical specialists

Swissimplant has voluntarily stopped the marketing and distribution for all
Solysafe products on August 4, 2010, and voluntarily withdrew its Solysafe products
on September 1, 2010. The marketing and distribution stop for Solysafe Septal Occluders
will stay in place permanently. Swissimplant as a company is now in liquidation.
In case of any question, patients with a Solysafe Septal Occluder shall contact
their doctor or the implanting clinic. Nonetheless, please be assured that during
the ongoing liquidation process, this company in liquidation will still also be a point
of contact for patients, doctors and hospitals regarding questions of any kind
around the Solysafe Septal Occluder.
Please refer to the contact details if you have any inquiry to make.

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